About RoomXene

RoomXeneThis site is one one of several which originated as targets for URLs found in my fiction. In this case it was the RoomXene.com website address which appears in an unfinished novel. It remains fictional, being a bit too idealized for a real business. The new technology which will collect vast amounts of data from everyone without their knowledge or permission does make this more plausible, however uncomfortable that will be.

RoomXene is one of the “Xene” series of sites, the others being LifeXene and MetaXene. All are now being adapted to be more plausible examples of social technology being used in business. Please visit both of those sites and look at their respective “Concept” pages. Don’t neglect the RoomXene Concept page on this site.

In the unfinished novel which will probably be merged into Society Changed, RoomXene was a website for connecting potential college roommates. A much better description of it is here on this site. The process may seem complicated but is designed to allow some semblance of privacy in a world where his will be a precious commodity.

Briefly here is the method:

  • the user submits information for the creation of a linear profile and a sentence or two of description — the new data collection process will make profile creation all too easy.
  • the system returns the description sentences for the best five or ten possible roommates and asks if their anonymous identifiers can be exchanged
  • the user selects those most likely, or requests another list of candidates
  • using temporary e-mail addresses provided by the system, the users engage in short anonymous conversations
  • these two steps are repeated until a small number of candidates for anonymous video call are selected
  • based on this, two users agree to try to be roommates
  • no college or university has been selected yet, the two individuals now discuss this with one another and try to reach agreement on a few to submit applications for
  • if they are accepted at a mutually agreeable college or university, they agree to register there and ask to be roommates — RoomXene will have negotiated with the educational institutions to permit the service to do roommate selection
  • if the above process fails, RoomXene will provide a simpler automated selection using mathematical methods instead of interpersonal communication

RoomXene must be a free service, in order to have a large enough pool of users as candidates for matching. It will be supported by innocuous advertisements.