How to Help

There is no existing social technology which can meet the requirements specified here.  It is inevitable, but may not be developed for years to come.  You can help make it available sooner in various ways:

  • Initiate or join a campaign to convince Facebook and related social media services that there is a need for sophisticated social searching and matching mechanisms, then help persuade others to use them.
  • Demand that Google and related search engines develop similar social search technology.
  • Find support for a business venture, a startup, to develop and exploit this technology itself, bypassing the existing giants.
  • Start and work on an open-source project to develop new social searching and matching technologies.
  • Help create a non-profit organization to promote and manage these new activities.
  • Help coordinate any or all of these efforts, including the collection of donations to fund them.

For lack of any real leader to coordinate these efforts, the owner of this site will enter into discussions from which a suitable organization may evolve.

Please see also How You Can Help on the Social Tech for Your Cause website.

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